What can you do in 17 minutes?

Just one more thing.

It was 2007. Steve Jobs was giving his Keynote...

It took less than 17 minutes to introduce the iPhone and change the way the word communicates forever.

17 minutes is also the average time it takes someone to leave their desk, walk to their favourite café and order a coffee. Two 17 minute coffee breaks per day across an entire workforce can add up to a staggering amount of lost opportunities for your team to connect and collaborate. Those moments of cross departmental connection that spark genuine innovation.

The inspiration sparked by the smell of a freshly brewed coffee. By providing a café quality brew in a fully stocked, clean and comfortable space, serviced by our BrewHub valet, we create an experience that your staff will enjoy just as much as their favourite café.

Unlike their favourite café however, it’s a space they all share, a space for creativity, building team bonds and meeting colleagues from other parts of the business.

It’s one way that we’re improving the way that workplaces communicate.

The $1.5 million dollar napkin

In 1998, during a coffee meeting to discuss the merger between Citicorp and the Travellers Group, Paula Scher drew a logo on her napkin.

And with that in just 5 minutes she’d solved a branding project worth $1.5m. A brand that made Citi Group one of the most recognisable financial services firms in the world.

We all know what a great conduit for creativity and out of the box thinking a great cup of coffee can be. But going to your favourite café for that shot of inspiration takes a member of staff an average of 17 minutes each time they get a coffee. That’s more than three $1.5m napkins opportunities per cup of coffee, per staff member.

At 2 coffees per day across your entire workforce that quickly becomes a staggering amount of lost opportunity.

Providing your team with a hub where they can get a café quality coffee in the office not only makes for a happier workplace – it creates hundreds of opportunities every day. Opportunities for cross-departmental engagement. A space for outside of the box thinking. An environment for ideas to grow and for communities to build.

What can your team do in 17 minutes?

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