The $1.5 million dollar napkin.

In 1998, during a coffee meeting to discuss the merger between Citicorp and the Travellers Group, Paula Scher drew a logo on her napkin.

And with that in just 5 minutes she’d solved a branding project worth $1.5m. A brand that made Citi Group one of the most recognisable financial services firms in the world.

We all know what a great conduit for creativity and out of the box thinking a great cup of coffee can be. But going to your favourite café for that shot of inspiration takes a member of staff an average of 17 minutes each time they get a coffee. That’s more than three $1.5m napkins opportunities per cup of coffee, per staff member. At 2 coffees per day across your entire workforce that quickly becomes a staggering amount of lost opportunity.

Providing your team with a hub where they can get a café quality coffee in the office not only makes for a happier workplace – it creates hundreds of opportunities every day. Opportunities for cross-departmental engagement. A space for outside of the box thinking. An environment for ideas to grow and for communities to build.

What can your team do in 17 minutes?