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We’ve worked with CBH Group for a year and have been providing the full BrewHub experience. This includes; workplace coffee machines and pantry supplies including milk and fruit, backed by our valet and support team.

CBH took the opportunity for change that arose when they moved their head office into the heart of Perth, with around 340 people across 2 floors. As their former office had a cafe on site, they were concerned the move to the city would result in lost productivity if people frequently left the office in search of quality brewed coffee and wanted to provide an innovative coffee solution that compliments their thoughtful and purposefully designed fit-out.

What CBH has to sayspeech icon

What were your challenges before working with with us?
  1. Limited options for good quality coffee
  2. The hub spaces were poorly utilised as employees looked to external offerings
  3. General cleanliness and hygiene
  4. Time and stress taken to manage multiple facets around the hub
Why did you choose BrewHub?

The TopBrewer machines are perfect for CBH because they are an innovative way to service our staff of 340, but they also create a focal point, drawing people into the hub.

How do you find the BrewHub experience?

Our staff love customising their coffee with the iPad touchscreen. The demand for fresh fruit is extremely high and our staff are enjoying their connection with the BrewHub valet who visit CBH twice a day.


So, have we helped you to accomplish your objectives?

Yes! BrewHub has delivered on the following
  1. Improved coffee quality and taste through state-of-the-art coffee machines
  2. Provided streamlined services which eliminates the need for multiple providers and invoices
  3. An improved hub environment which increased utilisation of the staff hub
  4. A positive impact on workplace culture with increased communication and organisational cohesion
  5. An engaging team providing good service with a personal relationship
  6. A continuity of service which offers a peace of mind

Staff were concerned when we moved offices that they might not have access to quality coffee, but we have had nothing but positive feedback about the TopBrewer machines and the taste of coffee too.

Staff are telling us that they have met fellow CBH colleagues for the first time at the hub.


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