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  • Workplace Coffee
  • Pantry Supplies
  • Catering
  • Valet
  • Support
  • Office Coffee Machine
Offices serviced

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide



We’ve been providing Vocus Communications with the full BrewHub experience for more than 5 years. This includes; workplace coffee (office coffee) and pantry supplies including milk, fruit and snacks, backed by our valet and support team.

When we started working with Vocus, they were concerned about the scalability of capsule options and experienced inconsistent office coffee quality and a high level of machine breakdowns for a high cost. They provided in-house support to ensure the consumables were stocked, but found it hard to maintain continuity of service – given this role was not full time.

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What were your challenges before working with with us?
  1. Milk was going off.
  2. Inconsistent quantities meant stock levels varied from too much or too little.
  3. Took time away from the staff, because it requires managing on a day to day basis. When staff went on leave, there was a break in service continuity and supplies would run out.
  4. Cleanliness was becoming an issue. In particular, capsule machine nozzles getting blocked, milk going sour and no plan or knowledge on how to descale.
Why did you choose BrewHub?

There’s actually nobody that does office coffee machines, milk, valet, fruit, everything. Nobody else does the full package and covers that in one simple invoice and one point of contact.

Vocus Communications
What experience have you had using BrewHub’s products and services?

The responsiveness, Paul and the team are really responsive. They come back very quickly, which is great… Paul will just immediately action requests – which is the real value add, all parts of the BrewHub team are ready to action it.

Vocus Communications

So, have we helped you to accomplish your objectives?

Yes. BrewHub has delivered the following for approximately $1/person per day!
  1. Improved coffee quality and service by providing better coffee machines and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene levels making it inviting to use.
  2. Maintained stock levels, preventing wastage or complaints.
  3. Removed management work and stress from employees, allowing internal staff to focus on their work.
  4. Provided a continuity of service which is not be affected by employees going on leave.
  5. Provided an unobtrusive delivery and service options, outside of peak times.
  6. Increased reliability of service, especially with servicing and attending any breakdown of machines.
  7. A very responsive team with personal relationships, ready to attend to any questions or issues.
  8. Consolidated various providers and services into one simple invoice.

The reason behind engaging BrewHub is to reduce hidden cost.

There’s a loss of productivity when staff are buying it themselves, so the investment of one dollar per person per day is money well spent.

Vocus Communications

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