Interesting reads about the changing workplace

October 15, 2020BrewHub

Interesting reads about the changing workplace

We’ve put together a small collection of articles that our team have been reading in the last few months. Leave comments below to share what you’ve found interesting about the changes in ‘workplace’ and ‘workspace’ so we can add them to the list.

In defence of the office

by Laura Aldinton, | Read Article

This article makes some interesting points including how;

  • remote working offers structure. But not the magic of the unstructured.
  • you can maintain culture from afar but it’s easier to build culture when you’re together in the real world.
  • remote working makes it easy to keep an eye on important stuff, but harder to keep an eye on the really important stuff, like mental health and wellbeing.
  • we need to consider the needs of individuals, but also remember the collective.
  • remote working can feel, well… remote. And humans need humans.

Is the five-day week over?

by Claire Cain Miller, New York Times | Read Article | Join the conversation on LinkedIn News

This article covers how the pandemic has shown employees and employers alike that there’s value in working from home — at least, some of the time.

How designing spaces for rest can enhance the quality of work

by Raquel Machado, Mmoser Associates | Read Article

This article explores the value of creating places for pause, enabling people to address challenges in new ways.

Workplace after COVID19

by Hassell Studio | Listen on SoundCloud

The impact of COVID19 and how work has changed.


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