From bean to cup

To ensure we maintain coffee quality, we source, roast, and deliver our own beans – and only provide clients with the best coffee machines in the market.

Where quality meets sustainability

Everything we do at BrewHub is driven by two complimentary driving forces: to provide our clients with an exceptional quality coffee experience and do our part to make this world a better place.

We partner with farmers around the world, paying above-market rates to get the best beans, but also to ensure that we can contribute to developing sustainable farming practices and building communities.

We are constantly evolving and optimising all our processes and every decision in our supply chain boils down to two questions: is it good for the coffee? and is it good for the world?

A circular system

A great cup of coffee begins with the beans, and ends with the waste it leaves behind. We take our role in every step of this process incredibly seriously.

Each step of our coffee delivery model is optimised to maximise the quality of the coffee and minimise our impact on the world.

Impact trade brings a world of flavour for Australian tastes

By partnering with Scanomat, the manufacturer of the TopBrewer coffee machine, we work directly with coffee growers in Ethiopia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru and Brazil to source our green beans. Impact trade is how we can assure that we get the best quality coffee bean and know that we are supporting communities that promote sustainable agriculture.

There's an art to delivering beans fresh

By partnering with Scanomat and coffee growers we don’t just get the exact beans we want, we get them sooner. Green beans are delivered straight to us without the additional warehousing usually associated with the coffee trade.

The green beans are received and prepared for roasting in our specially equipped local facility, by BrewHub’s in-house team of coffee experts.

BrewHub employee pouring coffee grains from scoopWe’re all about getting them roasted and in your cup as quickly as we possibly can. Our state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities are solar-powered so keeping your beans fresh doesn’t cost the earth.

Obsession with flavour and precision

It’s in the roast where our beans come to life and develop their unique flavour profiles. Our blends are meticulously curated for the Australian palate and have been developed specifically for use with the coffee machines we provide. Our boutique Australian roastery uses state-of-the-art equipment to make sure we can maintain complete control over the flavour of our beans.

Our highly experienced master roaster guides every step of the process to maintain consistency and guarantee a great cup of coffee every time.

We produce all of our coffee ranges in small batches to ensure freshness and we’re always innovating to improve the range and to stay ahead of coffee trends.

Delivered straight to you by our dedicated team

You might have noticed that control is a big thing when it comes to maintaining coffee quality, and the delivery of our beans is no different. We employ our own team of delivery drivers who bring the beans directly from our warehouse to you in our specially equipped, climate-controlled vehicles. 

Deliveries are local and regular, so that means your beans will never spend months sitting around losing their magical aroma. It’s all about freshness.

We wouldn’t be BrewHub if we weren’t already working on moving our fleet to electric vehicles, charged on-site to further reduce our carbon footprint.

The best beans deserve the best machines

There’s no point in bringing the best beans directly to your workplace if we can’t also supply you with highest quality machinery to extract all their magnificent flavour. That’s why at BrewHub we only use the best in European crafted machines.

A richer experience in every cup.

We can provide our full premium BrewHub service at the same cost per cup as our larger competitors charge for their standard office coffee.

Why choose us?

more coffee, lower cost and waste

If you’re using coffee capsules because it seems to be more cost-effective, think again. Let David Scott explain what we offer in comparison.

We’re a total hub solution

We make it easy by delivering the services you need to bring your workplace to life.

We’re providing you with a whole-hub solution designed to give you and your team a welcoming space to meet, interact and engage. We’re serving you a delicious array of hot and cold beverages made in premium European-made coffee machines.

  • We’re giving you a choice of sustainably sourced coffee beans.
  • We’re providing access to a dedicated local support team.
  • We’re giving you full remote oversight of your consumption and proactively monitoring your machines.
  • We’re supplying staff who can keep your hub clean, fully stocked and ready to welcome your staff and customers.
  • We’re giving you the security of working with an Australian-owned and run company.
  • The only thing we’re giving you less of is waste.

The cost per cup may be the same as others, but there’s a lot more to our brew.

Delivering a richer experience in every cup.

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