Just one more thing.

At his 2007 Keynote it took Steve Jobs less than 17 minutes to introduce the iPhone and change the way the word communicates forever.

17 minutes is also the average time it takes someone to leave their desk, walk to their favourite café and order a coffee. If somebody grabs just two coffee a day that represents a staggering amount of lost opportunity for people to engage, connect and collaborate. By providing a café quality brew in a fully stocked, clean and comfortable space, serviced by our BrewHub valet, we create an experience that your staff will enjoy just as much as their favourite café.

Unlike their favourite café however, it’s a space they all share, a space for creativity, building team bonds and meeting colleagues from other parts of the business. A space that fosters moments of cross departmental connection and genuine innovation. Inspiration sparked by the smell of a freshly brewed coffee. It’s just one way that we’re improving the way that workplaces communicate.