Catering to the needs of your team: Milk alternatives in your workplace kitchen

May 28, 2020BrewHub

Catering to the needs of your team: Milk alternatives in your workplace kitchen

Investing in people

Employers who tune in to the modern and increasingly complex lives of their employees, and innovate in meaningful ways, will reap many benefits.

Brewhub support informal offices and workplaces and provide office coffee, tea or sparking water

Creche facilities, child friendly rooms, quiet spaces for employees to work on specific projects, booths for private conversations and break out spaces with informal seating – these are just some of the measures BrewHub’s clients have implemented for staff.

These are more than workplace perks – these choices send a signal that employees are valued and respected, that employers care about the physical environment their staff inhabit and how they interact with it. Flexibility and choice increase the motivation and productivity of employees and lead to less staff turnover and absenteeism. Facilities that accommodate staff and enhance their working day also help to embed your organisation as an employer of choice.

One of Australia’s largest energy companies based in the Perth CBD occupies state of the art offices, accommodating a workforce of over 3000 people. Their employee wellbeing is a huge priority and they have created a dedicated meditation room and sleeping pods. The teams on each floor also meet up to start their day with morning stretches, adjacent to the staff break out hubs.

The BrewHub experience represents a bespoke service that accommodates different tastes and choice. We respond flexibly to varied employee ‘wishlists‘, which include not only a choice of coffees and teas, juice and water, but a selection of different pantry items, fruit and snacks. Our coffee drinking clients are looking for a barista experience. They want to be able to tailor their cup of coffee to their particular preference such as different blends, hotter or stronger.

BrewHub Valet stocking milk in fridge

More recently we have been asked to meet the demand for alternative milks.

BrewHub "Milk Alternatives In The Workplace" infographic showing percentages of BrewHub clients ordering alternative milks

There is a growing global awareness of lactose free alternatives. Beyond differing tastes some employees have allergies, intolerances and diets that prevent them from consuming cow’s milk. BrewHub has observed an increase in the demand for soy, lactose free and almond milk with 55% of our clients who order milk, asking us to offer one of these options.

For our clients with TopBrewer machines, the innovative Scanomat design team anticipated these changes to consumer tastes and preferences some time ago.

The TopBrewer now comes with the option of an integrated dual milk fridge – two separate fridge containers of 4.5 litres each – to accommodate different milk choices such as a low-fat milk or a dairy free option.

And because we don’t want anyone to miss out, for those with existing TopBrewer Pro machines, the dual fridge option can be retro-fitted to the modular milk compartment.

Alternative milks may seem like a small concession in the workplace – but employers that are prepared to flexibly respond to new trends with increased choices will be rewarded with a happier workforce.

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