It’s more than just a coffee

We’ve worked really hard to make sure that when your staff say ‘let’s just grab a coffee’ what they’re actually saying means so much more.

Create spaces within the workplaces for people to meet, connect and engage with each other. An environment for ideas to grow and communities to form.

Australia's most complete hub solution.

We’re installing the most advanced and intuitive technology to create exceptional hot and cold beverages.

Shared spaces are kept hygienically clean and fully stocked by our valets.

Your facilities manager’s life is made easier by our cloud reporting systems that monitors consumption in real time and saves you money on waste.

Advanced diagnostics and a national fleet of our own service technicians ensure unsurpassed uptime and an average time to fix of under 3 hours.

Best of all, we’ve mastered the art of doing all of this behind the scenes. So your staff often won’t even realise we’re there. But they’re sure to appreciate the workplace experience we create with you.

A richer experience in every cup.

We can provide our full premium BrewHub service at the same cost per cup as our larger competitors charge for their standard office coffee.

Workplace coffee machines.

We offer a range of traditional machines, tabletop and underbench contactless automatic coffee machines.

The TopBrewer is an innovation that has created an entirely new category of automatic coffee machines.

It turns the common conception of coffee brewing and dispensing completely upside down. With a focus on the workplace coffee experience and beautiful aesthetics, the TopBrewer brings together an unrivalled choice of specialty drinks, unlimited freedom to design and cutting-edge technology.

With a smartphone app and voice activation, you won't need to lift a finger when ordering your coffee.

From bean to cup

To ensure we maintain coffee quality, we source, roast, and deliver our own beans – and only provide clients with the best coffee machines in the market.

Workplace Tea.

A good cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment to a good chat with a workmate. Our TopBrewer machines deliver the perfect temperature water for a cup of tea in seconds.

Our valets will make sure a full range of individually-sealed tea bags and your milk or milk alternative are always fresh and available.

Filtered and sparkling water on tap.

The stunning Danish designed TopWater from Scanomat delivers an endless supply of still and sparkling Brita-filtered water to your office.

It’s a cost effective way to eliminate the environmental harm of bottled water and provide your staff with ready access hydration throughout the day.

Sleek, hygienic and incredibly energy efficient to run, it makes drinking enough water a pleasure.

Milk, fruit and snacks.

Our valets ensure that fresh fruit, milk (and alternatives) and snacks are always invitingly presented in your hub.

You are able to update your orders in real time.

Our valets work with our fleet of full-time delivery drivers to minimise food waste by only delivering milk and fruit based on consumption.

Team to clean and maintain your hub.

Our COVID-certified valets keep your hub hygienically clean, fully stocked and your machines running so you don't have to.

Our friendly team are available as required and work seamlessly behind the scenes. You won't even notice they're there, if that's what you prefer. Many clients choose to make them an integral and active part of their hub.

Working with all Australians.

By partnering with leading Indigenous organisations such as Zipella and the Kari Foundation we seek to create a supply chain with a common goal – to provide you with an exceptional coffee experience while supporting programs that benefit Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

Sustainability from bean to bin.

Our commitment to creating a fair and sustainable system from bean to bin means our hubs won’t cost the earth.

We're always developing and implementing new ways to reduce, recycle and reuse. This includes a national program to recycle all bags and coffee grounds, developing smaller packaging for our beans and reducing single use packaging and consumables where possible.

Our head office and warehouse are solar-powered and we're on the way to moving our fleet to electric vehicles charged on site to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Why choose us?

We make it easy by delivering all the services you need to bring your workplace to life.

We’re providing you with a whole-hub solution designed to give you and your team a welcoming space to meet, interact and engage. We’re serving you with a delicious array of hot and cold beverages made in premium European made coffee machines.

  • We’re giving you a choice of sustainably sourced coffee beans.
  • We’re providing access to a dedicated local support team.
  • We’re giving you full remote oversight of your consumption and proactively monitoring your machines.
  • We’re supplying staff who can keep your hub clean, fully stocked and ready to welcome your staff and customers.
  • We’re giving you the security of working with an Australian owned and run company.

The only thing we’re giving you less of is waste.

The cost per cup may be the same, but there’s a lot more to our brew.

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Cloud based reporting
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Australian based dedicated help desk
Partnering with Indigenous Australian businesses
Sustainability programs

Australia’s most comprehensive hub solution makes it easy.

More than just a coffee machine.

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