BrewHub rollout more compact packaging for coffee bags

February 4, 2020BrewHub

BrewHub rollout more compact packaging for coffee bags

At BrewHub we are constantly reviewing our operations with a view to implementing sustainable business practices. Sustainable business is good for the environment because it prioritises the use of energy and the cost of waste. The environment is very important to us, our valued BrewHub coffee drinkers and the suppliers we work in partnership with.

A lot of companies in our industry are making significant changes in the workplace to build sustainability. We’ve been very impressed by Axiom Workplaces – an Australian company that specialises in commercial interior design. They have recently shared their ideas for reducing waste and energy and making workplaces more environmentally friendly.

One area BrewHub has been working on recently is our coffee packaging which we look forward to rolling out for clients very soon.Coffee beans inside a white bag package

Our packaging is an integral part of our business branding, but the coffee bag is so much more than that. Not only do the bags keeps the coffee fresh, they also provide our clients and our valets with important information about the coffee blends and ideal consumption.

The design changes were driven by a couple of factors – first and foremost we were looking to reduce any waste in the coffee bags. We also asked the talented design team at Kool Kreative to come up with a fresh and unique design that reflects BrewHub.

Our primary aim in designing the bags was to create a look that reflects BrewHub’s personality and their obsessive determination to create the best tasting coffees. Just like the whole workplace experience that BrewHub creates for their clients, we wanted the coffee to be fun, fresh and inviting – a café experience in the workplace.

– Michel Ludwig, Kool Kreative

Size does matter!

So we have cut a significant 7cm off the height of the bag, using 20% less packaging in order to reduce waste and landfill. The 1kg bags have a heavy duty one way valve preserving the integrity of freshness and with ‘roasted on & best before’ dates clearly printed in black food grade ink. The coffee is packaged into the bags within a maximum of one hour of roasting and in an environment that is oxygen free.

Lineup of BrewHub Coffee showcasing the new bag designs

Our new coffee bags are going to stand out in the distinctive BrewHub colour palette. Kool Kreative have designed modern and striking patterns on the bags that reference the unique characteristics of each of our blends. The Brewgooder bag features two hands – a symbol of co-operation – we come together with our clients to support others. The Fair Brew design represents a commitment to our partners in the supply chain while the True Brew bag design celebrates the uniquely Australian flavours of this blend.

The Zipella bag reflects our special relationship with Zipella in creating this blend and our commitment to the KARI Foundation.

You won’t have long to wait to see them so stay tuned!

BrewHub clients can expect more news about our coffee bags over the coming months. Through our partnership with Seven Miles we have been piloting a coffee bag recycling scheme with one of our clients and TerraCycle Australia. The first of its kind in Australia – it is proving to be a great success and we are confident of expanding this initiative to many more clients later in 2020.

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