Office Coffee Machines

Ensure your staff are always greeted by cafe quality coffee or tea. Our stunning European office coffee machines ensure quality coffee made the way you like it.

Moreso, our machines are all connected by remote monitoring to ensure 99% uptime and track consumption, milk, coffee beans and servicing needs. They even order more beans for you.

You can buy or rent these coffee machines and we will install and maintain them with our customised plans to work for your business as we do for clients across Australia.

The TopBrewer office coffee machine

The TopBrewer by Scanomat is available for offices and other workplaces in Australia. Enjoy your favourite espresso, milk-based coffee, hot water for tea, chilled and sparkling water, juices and hot chocolate from one elegant tap.

The TopWater tap

The stunning Danish designed TopWater from Scanomat delivers an endless supply of still and sparkling Brita-filtered water to your office.

The Venezia office coffee machine

The Scanomat Venezia benchtop coffee machine is a setup-and-go version of the under-bench TopBrewer machine. Many clients choose to use these in areas where they are unable to install a TopBrewer, but still want CoffeeCloud.

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