Our approach to sustainability

At BrewHub we are working hard to become a more sustainable business. Our overall goal is to not draw down on the social and ecological systems that support our business, and to do this as soon as possible.

We want to be carbon neutral by 2030 and make a consistent progress towards that target each year.

Our approach to making BrewHub sustainable is to foster innovation and promote a culture of market leadership that is driven by a broad engagement of all our stakeholders. We draw on established frameworks and reporting tools, but our focus is not on compliance. We will look at the gaps in our business, listen to our stakeholders, collaborate like never before, and change as fast as we can.  We want to focus all our efforts and resources on doing stuff. The time is now. While our primary aim is reducing our carbon omissions, on the path to a carbon neutral future, we will thoughtfully offset our emissions to help us along. We will reduce first and offset later.

When we are communicating with our stakeholders we will ‘say it how it is’. We are not perfect, there are elements of our business that really need work. So, we won’t sell you a carbon neutral story that sounds like we have got it all under control. But we are committed to the journey and committed to making genuine changes to our business processes that reduce carbon, reduce waste, and engage the communities in which we operate.

Our operations and thus our impact are embedded within our community and the environment which we all share.

We have an obligation to prove to our stakeholders what we are doing.  So, we are working on data capture to give you greater transparency on the impact of engaging Brewhub. What we are doing already is also pretty good. Right now, you can make your office coffee system circular with BrewHub and make a significant contribution to Indigenous businesses.

So, we look forward to this enormous challenge. It must be done for the sake of humanity, but the process should be enjoyed too. The potential is there to engage people beyond profits and create new business models that create competitive advantage and opportunities for everyone. 

Dave Scott

Managing Director