Craig Ellingson

General Manager Beans and Machines

Craig Ellingson

Meet Craig Ellingson

BrewHub’s chief bean counter, more formally known as our Chief Financial Officer, Chartered Accountant Craig Ellingson is a highly respected member of our leadership team and keeps BrewHub’s financial practices on track and running smoothly.

Craig’s day always starts with a long-mac-topped-up before his daily stand-up meeting with the finance and services teams, who helpfully share their daily priorities and identify any challenges.

With his finger on the pulse for all things financial and particularly adept at forecasting, it’s not surprising that Craig spends a large part of his day consulting with senior managers regarding stock procurement and customer tenders or providing invaluable, strategic input for a range of operational matters.

Craig leads by example, diligently setting a standard for excellence, identifying strongly with BrewHub’s value of mastery.

I strongly believe in driving innovation and striving for continuous improvement in everything we do as it leads to better outcomes for our customers and staff.

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