David Scott

Managing Director

David Scott

Meet David Scott

David Scott (he/him) is our highly energetic and strategic Managing Director. He happens to prefer his coffee a few degrees hotter than the current trend. As a leader David is always one step ahead – setting an exciting and innovative future direction for BrewHub. A deep thinker, he remains agile to opportunities and changes in the hospitality industry but also in the diverse sectors within which our clients operate.

David is passionate about building a supportive and sustainable workplace where BrewHubbers have precisely the right tools to thrive. BrewHub’s value of autonomy particularly resonates with David.

Being autonomous encourages everyone to find out what they are good at – but also to take responsibility for themselves and their role within the broader BrewHub team.

David sets a high standard for BrewHub – universally described as dynamic, authentic, approachable, and honest, he values and prioritises people. Whether he is getting to know a new client, a supplier or employee, David’s example is to build first rate relationships and first-rate business will follow.

The famous David Scott energy is highly infectious and before he arrives at work to unleash it on his quality BrewHub team, his preference is to follow a successful routine of time with family and exercise.

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