Michael Hauptman

Head of Sales – East Coast

Sydney, New South Wales

Michael Hauptman is the Head of Sales (East Coast) at BrewHub, where he drives new growth through educating our clients and specification channels about our products and services with a defined strategy and route to market.

Michael Hauptman, Head of Sales – East Coast

With a knack for gathering information and exploring new opportunities, Michael’s honest, straightforward and meticulous nature lends to him thriving in this fast-paced sector. He aspires to keep growing as an individual, sharing and learning from the team while nurturing long term business and personal relationships.

I want to provide our clients a clear picture of who and what BrewHub represents, to be a part of their journey and to ensure we are here to help them meet their objectives 24/7.

Michael has a small obsession over being clean and neat which finds him organising everything around his house, being on top of the chores and preparing himself for the week ahead. His family comes first, but closely behind is his love for motorcycle rides as a proud owner of a Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle!

Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Sales & Marketing Institute.

If you’d like to get in touch with Michael, give us a ring on 1300 803 090, email michael@brewhub.com.au or send an enquiry.