Michelle Sandison

General Manager People Experience

Michelle Sandison

Meet Michelle Sandison

As our General Manager People Experience, Michelle’s role centres on BrewHub’s purpose and values – embedding these in the services we provide.

Michelle’s superpower is building positive outcomes and growth. She is a born problem-solver, determined to reach the best outcome for everyone – no matter how difficult the task.

Michelle (she/her) says it is heartening to be part of a business like BrewHub that aligns so strongly with her own personal values and she is having fun exploring the teams’ purpose and passion, encouraging and driving everyone to uphold these values.

I’m here to help each member of the team to pursue their potential.

Don’t be surprised if your conversation with Michelle delves into how BrewHub is helping you reach your potential, whether you’re an employee, a client, or a supplier, – because she is passionate about people and will dig deep to find your purpose and what gets you out of bed every day.

Michelle’s coffee preferences have changed! She used to be a skinny flat white, but she is now dairy free so favours a strong oat flat white. But don’t read too much into that.

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