Paul Savy

Key Accounts Manager

Perth, Western Australia

Paul Savy – Key Accounts Manager WA

Paul Savy is a Key Account Manager at BrewHub where he looks after our clients with a focus on facilitating new proposals, ensuring a smooth process from design to installation and delivering value.

Professional, loyal but always up for a laugh, Paul ensures that our ‘Fit for Purpose’ mantra is always front and centre so our clients have a peace of mind. Armed with a decade of experience and know-how, he is able to look forward and think outside of the box to best advise clients with solutions tailored to their workspace.

Nothing is too hard for our team when it comes to our client’s needs. We are always ready to assist with the services we provide.

Paul often braves the cold mornings to challenge the surfs and is a big family man. Besides spending time doing sports with his children, this house-proud dad will often be found tinkering both inside and outside the home to keep everything immaculate. He also describes himself as being a tragic Neil Diamond Fan!

If you’d like to get in touch with Paul, give us a ring on 1300 803 090, email or send an enquiry.