Phryne Lau

Systems Analyst

Phryne Lau

Meet Phryne Lau

Digital transformation is well underway at BrewHub!

It’s the job of our Oolong tea-drinking Systems Analyst Phryne Lau (she/her) to lead the implementation of our digital transformation. The various projects will continually improve, streamline, and future proof BrewHub’s services to meet its strategic business goals.

Naturally curious with superpower listening skills, Phryne is charged with understanding what the rapidly growing business needs from its enterprise systems and tools. This means becoming completely immersed in exactly what a working day looks like for every BrewHubber and facilitating collaborative workshops across business units to discuss priority areas for improvement.

As a passionate advocate for continuous improvement, this means Phryne often spends time discussing the bigger picture and outcomes with BrewHubbers, specifically on a quest for a more efficient and streamlined customer and employee experience.

I am motivated to help others push past the fear of change and love to see them infected with the excitement of possibility.

The BrewHub value close to Phryne’s heart is inclusiveness. Phryne says that a workplace culture where diverse representation and voices are encouraged, listened to, and given opportunities, is worth championing – and worth its weight in gold.

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