Ronnie Nguyen

Marketing Coordinator

Meet Ronnie Nguyen

Our super organised Marketing Coordinator Ronnie Nguyen loves to plan her daily schedule ahead of time, so there are absolutely no surprises.

Ronnie brings invaluable experience from her time as a BrewHub Valet. At the pointy end of service delivery, our valets work at the sweet point – where our coffee machines and customer experience meet. As a BrewHub Valet Ronnie was known for her meticulous attention to detail and enjoys applying this rigour to the marketing role.

Connecting with our varied teams and listening to their experiences, Ronnie is often jotting down and generating new ideas to craft stories that showcase our BrewHubbers and our services.

A media and communications degree graduate, Ronnie has observed first-hand the impact of a lack of diverse representation in society and embraces inclusiveness as her all-time favourite value at BrewHub.

Inclusiveness at BrewHub offers opportunities to listen to different voices and different perspectives and recognises the added value that diverse representation brings to our workplace.

Ronnie really enjoys the complex and robust flavour of iced Vietnamese coffee, served with condensed milk – both bitter and sweet. When she is not at work, Ronnie loves to bake. In her experience there is nothing like home-made sausage rolls to bring the BrewHub team together.

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