Shannon McCabe

Technical Manager – NSW/QLD/ACT

Sydney, New South Wales

Shannon McCabe is a Technical Manager at BrewHub, here to ensure our technicians are trained to excellence, following procedure, meeting compliance and supporting our managers with invaluable knowledge.

Shannon McCabe, Technical Manager


With humble beginnings as a delivery driver, his palpable passion for his work saw Shannon an instrumental part of growing our business in NSW. A crucial role in the delivery of our service, he is involved from install, testing, repair and maintenance of our equipment as well as leading the company’s technical relationships with our suppliers.

Being honest, hardworking and to always ask questions. These traits help me do my job and help push me towards my goals.

Shannon enjoys working out as much as a good book or a game of golf. If he’s not relaxing at home with the wife or taking his dogs for a walk, he’d spend time with friends, tackle off-roading or computer building. He is currently learning French and is keen on adding Spanish lessons soon!

Shannon is a whiz with qualifications in IT, Advanced Maths, Advanced Science, OHS and PLC Programming.

If you’d like to get in touch with Shannon, give us a ring on 1300 803 090, email or send an enquiry.