The team behind our 99% uptime guarantee

July 27, 2022BrewHub

The team behind our 99% uptime guarantee

Our dedicated in-house technicians offer continuous support and solutions for every valet and, where required, direct to our clients. They are pivotal in delivering the reliability of our coffee machine fleet across Australia.

We guarantee 99% uptime for our customers – something our competitors are not able to deliver. We can offer this guarantee because we have in-house specialists dedicated to our clients.

Our Valets are the first line of defence when it comes to preemptive machine maintenance. The number one cause of coffee machine breakdowns is a lack of basic maintenance, which our specially trained Valets overcome by performing regular manufacturer recommended maintenance and cleaning the machines daily.

(Watch ‘What does a valet do’ to find out more)

BrewHub Valet cleaning and maintaining TopBrewer coffee machine installed in a office kitchen.

Our fleet of super reliable European made coffee machines are supplied on rental agreements that include maintenance. This aligns our interest in keeping the entire fleet up and running with that of our clients. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t charge call out fees and prioritise prevention over repairs. When machines do require extensive repairs we will usually install a replacement machine to make sure our clients don’t experience unnecessary down-time.

Remote monitoring of machines

BrewHub’s fleet of TopBrewers by Scanomat are connected to our technical team by CoffeeCloud – the world’s most advanced internet-based management system for coffee machines.The Coffee Cloud has revolutionised the responsiveness and quality of BrewHub’s service – as well as capturing real time data of employee coffee drinking patterns and preferences.

Since CoffeeCloud was introduced, the team has been in ‘the box seat’ with the diagnostic tools to observe machine behaviours, trends, and patterns across the whole fleet.

This valuable data further refines our technical capabilities and understanding allowing BrewHub to anticipate issues in advance and support technicians to effectively respond to them before an issue arises.

Real time reporting

CoffeeCloud by Scanomat gives our hands-on team realtime dashboard access with daily reports for every individual client and machine across Australia. The dashboard records the performance data of every machine, every day – it’s as if we are rummaging around inside our machines making sure everything is in tip top health.

At a glimpse, the dashboard gives BrewHub the capacity to anticipate and deal with minor recurring faults and their causes, and respond to alerts such as when a machine requires cleaning, door errors, or when beans or milk are running low.

Thanks to our proactive support team many minor issues are solved quickly with just one phone call to our valets or technicians – who are the ‘feet-on-the-ground’.

They are systematically forewarned of what they should be looking out for. 82% of errors are resolved with a quick same-day fix – and in most cases, little or no down time.

Employee reviewing the Coffee Cloud dashboard on their laptop

A tool for technicians

CoffeeCloud is also a very useful training tool for our technical team, sharing data across the whole team to maintain consistently high technical standards and help keep our extensive fleet of coffee machines in perfect working order.

The team schedules regular national Toolbox meetings for technicians to share their repair experiences. It’s a great opportunity for a whole-of-fleet review and for the team to highlight new features, mitigate recurring issues and build their collective knowledge, skills and capability.

Brew hub team member maintaining coffee machine with workers chatting in the background

This information is not only vital to BrewHub’s business but also provides invaluable feedback for the Scanomat CoffeeCloud innovative developers.

Scanomat and BrewHub share the same goal – to deliver clients the very best beverage experience.

So, the collective intelligence and feedback that BrewHub gathers via the Cloud and from our technical team has a big impact for Scanomat’s on-going creative process, decisions, design and innovation.

Technicians also need to enjoy the coffee

BrewHub’s goal is to deliver the very best cup of coffee or tea for our clients’ teams – so it’s important our technicians know what a good cup of coffee tastes like. Their goal is to walk away from a machine that has been fixed, confident that the coffee meets our client’s exacting standards and palate. If you see one of our technicians with a cup of coffee in their hands, they are likely not taking a break! – rather they are gathering data and ensuring the coffee in-cup quality is client perfect.

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