Meet the TopBrewer

Your favourite espresso, milk-based coffee, hot water for tea, chilled and sparkling water, juices and hot chocolate in one elegant tap controlled by an iPad or your own smartphone or smartwatch.

The TopBrewer coffee machine is an innovation that has created an entirely new category within coffee brewers.

It turns the common conception of coffee brewing and dispensing completely upside down. With a focus on the workplace coffee experience and beautiful aesthetics, the TopBrewer brings together an unrivalled choice of specialty drinks, unlimited freedom to design and cutting-edge technology.

This is not just a coffee machine.

Discover the ultimate coffee experience for professionals

With revolutionary technology including the patented smallest milk foamer in the world, the TopBrewer delivers up to 400 drinks per day. All via an app that is simple and intuitive in design, it is a new way to break the ice, relax and connect people.

Tap with an App

You have the control over your very own personal coffee experience. Supported on both iOS and Android across smartphones, tablets and Apple Watch devices; the easy to use app allows you to customise your drink, save your perfect coffee and enjoy it again and again.


Using the app, you can now “tell” TopBrewer to make your favourite brew. Using your settings, you can add voice prompts. The voice feature means you don’t have to touch anything but your cup.

Reimagine your space with a TopBrewer coffee machine

Simple in its structural design, the “world’s first” under-bench TopBrewer design has won awards and makes the unimaginable possible. Integrate it into your design to compliment your space, working practices and encourage workplace collaboration.

The internet of Coffee

CoffeeCloud is the world’s most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines with state-of-the-art real time data and insights for your organisation at your fingertips. Access key data metrics and diagnostics at a glimpse on your dashboard.

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