Meet the TopBrewer

TopBrewer offers a workplace coffee experience like no other. The elegant swan neck tap hints at the precision engineered machinery beneath the counter. The whisper quiet unit brews a perfect cup of fresh-bean coffee – every time. You can even pour a glass of chilled water, get hot water for tea or sweeten your day with a delicious hot chocolate straight from the tap.

Revolutionary under-bench design fits any space

Born of an obsession with taste and quality the TopBrewer by Scanomat turns coffee machine design on its head to transform the workplace coffee experience.

TopBrewer’s innovative under-bench design allows it to fit all the features ‘under the hood’ so that the elegant tap works seamlessly in any workplace.

This machine is made from highest quality steel, ensuring it is durable and resilient.

View of under the bench of a of TopBrewr coffee machine showing the unit and how it is installed.
Perfectly textured milk and milk alternatives

Something for every taste. TopBrewer’s dual milk fridge lets you provide both milk and milk alternatives such as soy, oat, or almond – to cater to different dietary needs and meet the growing demand related to allergies or preferences.

All perfectly steamed and textured thanks to the patented milk frother which creates the perfect cup every time, with no mess left behind.

BewHub TopBrewer coffee machine with tempered glass mug and iPad
Whisper quiet

Specifically designed to be used in workplaces and other shared spaces, you’ll be amazed at just how quietly the TopBrewer makes your favourite brew. The underbench unit is precision engineered to deliver the perfect beverage without the rest of the office having to hear all about it.

A truly personalised experience

Enjoy the freedom to create and save your perfect brew by setting the exact amount of coffee, milk, water and chocolate in each cup.

Customise your favourite coffee, tea, water or hot chocolate and save the settings to the app to ensure the perfect beverage every time, on any TopBrewer machine around the world.

The TopBrewer App allows you to control the machine from a smartphone, tablet or watch. Customise your favourite beverage and set short cuts in the app for one-touch or voice activated coffee.

Employee selecting coffee using the TopBrewer app

The internet of coffee

CoffeeCloud is the world’s most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines with state-of-the-art real time data and insights for your organisation at your fingertips. Access key data metrics and diagnostics at a glimpse on your dashboard.

Employee reviewing the Coffee Cloud dashboard on their laptop

Handcrafted in Denmark

The quality of the construction can be heard, felt, seen – and most importantly of all tasted in the delicious beverages it will consistently produce.

Made with recycled steel

TopBrewer’s quality construction materials makes it both more durable and more sustainable than other workplace coffee machines. Buying one is a long term investment.

We use recycled steel, where possible, in our manufacturing process. This means we are able to save 80% of CO2 emissions and 75% of the energy used to create steel from raw materials. As steel can be infinitely recycled without loss of strength or durability, when you do eventually retire your TopBrewer in decades to come, the materials used to make it can all be recycled.

The perfect grind every time

The TopBrewer’s uniquely designed 64mm solid steel coffee grinder offers more heft to extract maximum flavour from fresh coffee beans cup after cup without missing a beat.

Energy saving flash heating unit

The TopBrewer’s innovative flash heater means there is no need to constantly heat water, making it incredibly energy efficient and cheap to run. Plus it improves the quality and taste of the drinks and gives individual temperature control of hot water, brew water and steam.

In power-saving mode, TopBrewer has a very low 7-watt energy consumption and the flash heater means it’s back to operating temperature in just 45 seconds, so you won’t be waiting around for your morning coffee!