A love of coffee and people: Meet Chelsea

August 3, 2023BrewHub

A love of coffee and people: Meet Chelsea

When people ask what it is that we actually do, we sometimes find that question a little hard to answer. But if you ask Chelsea Tahau, she will likely tell you it all comes down to our people.

She defines BrewHub by the genuine interactions we have with people, both within our organisation, and with our clients. That, and amazing coffee.

Chelsea (she/her) lives and breathes the BrewHub way of life, and has been a part of the team for over a decade. Having been a cornerstone of BrewHub’s growth, it is no surprise that Chelsea is our General Manager of Growth and Partnerships.

Originally a member of the Perth team, in 2018 Chelsea took her experience, positivity, and passion to lead BrewHub’s sales and operations expansion in other Australian cities starting with – Melbourne then Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

All roads lead to coffee

Chelsea’s love for coffee began far before her days at BrewHub. In fact, Chelsea spent many years behind the scenes for a large-scale Australian coffee brand, even being an instrumental part in opening the company’s largest store in Western Australia.

Despite studying Law during her time at the coffee brand, she soon realised that her passion for the coffee industry was too profound to ignore.

That was when an opportunity at BrewHub came to her awareness.

Creating impact in nearly every role within BrewHub

Joining the team as a valet, and managing a couple of team members and client accounts, Chelsea was delighted that she found a workplace that married her two loves – coffee and people!

With Chelsea’s infectious personality and can-do attitude, it didn’t take long for her to be promoted to supervisor, before going on to become an account manager, where she looked after some of our largest accounts.

Then came the time when BrewHub chose to expand to the East Coast. Chelsea put her hand up for the mission, and relocated to Melbourne to begin BrewHub’s national growth. Chelsea hit the ground running, installing coffee machines, managing milk deliveries, and stock, effectively establishing BrewHub’s presence in Melbourne.

We don’t know how Chelsea does it, but she did give us a hint. She says her day always improves if it starts with a strong flat white, and of course, full-fat milk is not negotiable. When she got to Melbourne, where she says baristas have their own coffee language and now Chelsea can never go past the unique ‘Magic’ – a double ristretto with silky milk.

I was there when BrewHub first spread its wings to the East Coast. It has been an amazing journey to see the ripples of BrewHub’s impact being created throughout Australia.

BrewHub employee Chelsea Tahau and friends

Pouring passion into her work with a drive for inclusivity

Pouring passion into her work with a drive for inclusivity

With a belief that great things can be achieved together, it is BrewHub’s value of inclusiveness resonates the most strongly with Chelsea. She passionately believes that the key to building new business and providing the best coffee experience is to support all of our staff in their diverse roles.

Chelsea Tahau and other members of the BrewHub team

Preferring not to sit behind a desk, Chelsea’s perfect day involves getting out to connect with existing and new clients, and rolling up her sleeves to engage with all facets of the sales, valet and delivery services provided by our operational teams.

Having the best energy, while being an amazing, compassionate communicator, is just a snippet of what Chelsea’s fellow BrewHubber’s say about her.

I believe in creating an environment where every voice matters. That’s the kind of inclusivity we strive for at BrewHub.

Changing the face of corporate Australia, through coffee

I can’t wait to see the day when every office building in Australia is elevated with the BrewHub experience.

There is nothing Chelsea can’t do! With an unwavering love for coffee and a talent for nurturing teams while fostering growth, Chelsea, our General Manager of Growth and Partnerships, has become a vital part of BrewHub.


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