Valet Package

Our BrewHub Valets are the central axis around which the whole BrewHub ecosystem spins. They come to your workplace and make sure your staff hubs are ready to welcome visitors with a delicious beverage and a clean, fully stocked hub.

It’s what you don’t see that makes the Valet service special: coffee machines pouring beautiful coffee. Machine faults that are fixed before you notice them. Fresh fruit ready for your afternoon snack. Sugar and tea that never runs out. A clean hub whenever you arrive.

More than just a beverage

Our Valets are your gateway to our entire network of in-house tech support, distribution, coffee experts and machine specialists. They allow us to create the same welcoming experience in all of your hubs – right across Australia. All our Valets are integrated into our warehousing and distribution system through which they can instantly adjust any order of coffee, fruit and consumables.

Be ready to cater for any event and minimise food waste by reducing the order of perishables in quieter weeks. Everything is delivered by our fleet of dedicated BrewHub trucks.

The valet service can be tailored specifically to suit your budget, business structure and brand. Together with our remote diagnostic and measurement systems, the valets ensure machinery is running smoothly and consumption is constantly monitored, managed and fine tuned to reduce food waste and save you money.

The BrewHub experience

  1. We’re Australia’s most complete hub solution.
  2. We source, roast, and deliver our own coffee beans.
  3. We only offer bean-to-cup coffee, not capsules – reducing waste and improving in-cup quality
  4. We only provide clients with the best coffee machines in the market
  5. We offer fresh, filtered still and sparkling water on tap
  6. Fresh fruit, snacks and a great cup of tea or coffee will be available whenever your staff desire
  7. Our processes are optimised to reduce waste and maximise cost savings
  8. Everything is delivered straight to you by our dedicated team
  9. We offer proactive coffee machine maintenance that guarantees 99% uptime
  10. We provide you with a convenient hands-off /staff hub experience