The BrewHub Experience

Unrivalled convenience.

When people ask what it is that we actually do, we often find that question a little hard to answer. Not because we don’t know, but because nobody else does it quite the way we do. We provide corporate clients with the convenience of Australia’s most complete hub solution.

BewHub TopBrewer coffee machine with tempered glass mug of coffee and iPad.

Our service is so effective, that many of our happiest clients forget that we’re even there. BrewHub is more than a coffee provider, but we will provide you with the best machines, pouring the best coffee available to Australian workplaces. Our services go well beyond those of a facilities management company but we’re going to have your hub stocked, sparkling and ready to greet your team at all times.

We create the best coffee experience available to Australian workplaces.

At the heart of what we do is a passion to create the best coffee experience available to Australian workplaces. But that’s just the start of the BrewHub difference. When we say coffee, we mean so much more. It’s more than just a good office coffee machine, great brew, tea, sparkling water or a well stocked staff hub curated by our Valets. To us coffee is a conduit for communication, collaboration and dialogue in the workplace.

BrewHub Valet cleaning and maintaining TopBrewer coffee machine installed in a office kitchen.

Of course we’re not just about the coffee drinkers. We provide staff hubs with delicious Australian Tea blends from Elmstock, as well as fresh filtered cold and sparkling water on tap.

We source, roast, and deliver our own coffee.

Creating a great coffee experience for us begins with the beans.

We partner with farmers around the world, paying above market rates to get the best beans, but also to ensure that we can contribute to developing sustainable farming practices and building communities.

We curate blends specifically for use in our suite of European coffee machines and roast them locally to fine tune them for the unique Australian coffee palate. There’s no long warehousing or shipping, fresh beans are delivered as you use them.

BrewHub employees sifting through coffee beans

A great cup of coffee begins with the beans, and ends with the waste it leaves behind. It's a circular system, or cycle. We take our role in every step of this process incredibly seriously. Each step of our coffee delivery model is optimised to maximise the quality of the coffee and minimise our impact on the world.

The best beans deserve the best machines.

We install the most advanced and intuitive technology to create exceptional hot and cold beverages. Our range of traditional machines, tabletop and under bench contactless automatic coffee machines are as robust as they are beautiful.

Our machines are built to last. They’re made from quality steel and have minimal plastic components. That doesn’t just mean less faults, it also means less waste. Our quality European made equipment lasts longer and when a machine does reach the end of its useful life, we will collect it and separate the parts to maximise their post-use recovery value.

BrewHub employee Grace Xu holding fruit and laughing in a workplace kitchen

Our Valets clean the machines daily and perform regular manufacturer recommended maintenance. We also monitor machine use and status remotely to ensure we can head off any problems before they become a major disruption. That allows us to ensure an unsurpassed machine availability rate of over 99%.

99% uptime and proactive machine maintenance

Our in-house team of machine specialists are experts in their field, able to perform diagnostics remotely, with your Valet on hand to troubleshoot most machine issues. On the rare occasion that your machine needs replacement parts, our BrewHub technicians will be dispatched, often before you even know there’s a problem.

Brew hub team member maintaining coffee machine with workers chatting in the background

The vast majority of all faults are resolved in under 3 hours, which means there’s always a fresh cup of coffee waiting for your staff and visitors.

A Fully Integrated Supply Chain across Australia.

From the fresh roasted beans to milk, fruit and consumables it's all brought to you by our own fleet of BrewHub drivers, direct from our warehouses in all major Australian cities.

Having every step of the delivery process in-house gives us optimal flexibility and complete control over the quality of our products. Equipping our fridges with cameras so we can monitor how ripe our fruit is may sound a bit excessive, but it’s how we can be confident in saying that we deliver an unparalleled service.

BrewHub warehouse employee packing stock into back of truck for delivery

We monitor stock levels constantly and update these to reflect use, which means you save money and reduce waste. Work with your Valet to ensure that you’re ready for any situation.

We’re sure you’ll taste the difference.

We believe in the importance of building long lasting relationships with a personal touch.

Our business is built on interactions with real people, dedicated to engaging and having personal relationships with our clients, many into a decade of partnership with us.

Established in 2004 we’re proud to be Australian market leaders in bringing workplaces to life.

It's about more than just a coffee.

  • We source, roast, and deliver our own beans
  • We only offer bean-to-cup coffee, not capsules – reducing waste and improving in-cup quality
  • We only provide clients with the best coffee machines in the market, pouring the perfect cup of coffee every time
  • We offer fresh, filtered still and sparkling water on tap
  • Everything is delivered straight to you by our dedicated team
  • We offer proactive coffee machine maintenance that guarantees 99% uptime
  • We maintain equipment proactively
  • Create better connection and communication around your staff hubs
  • Tailored cost saving solutions, without compromising on quality
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The complete hub solution.

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