For Architects and Designers

Welcome to our Architects and Designers Pack containing key information about the TopBrewer and Franke office coffee machines

Please download any technical information you require for the TopBrewer and Franke machines:

The TopBrewer Coffee Machine

1. TopBrewer – Product overview and Technical Requirements | Download (size: 1.49MB)

TopBrewer CAD Drawings

2. TopBrewer Pro CAD drawing | Download (size: 177KB)

3. TopBrewer Pro Fridge Module A2 CAD drawing | Download (size: 24KB)

4. TopBrewer Cooler 45 Module CAD drawing | Download (size: 43KB)

5. TopBrewer Chocolate Rack Module CAD drawing | Download (size: 29KB)

Franke Coffee Machine

6. Franke – Product overview and Technical Requirements | Download (size: 684KB)


For more detailed installation preparation and requirements, please get in touch with our team.

The Top Brewer, now available in Australia

The TopBrewer is a minimalist coffee machine designed with architects and designers in mind, it turns the common conception of coffee brewing and dispensing completely upside down and its simple sculptural design is breathtaking.

Available exclusively from BrewHub, integrate it into your next design to compliment your space and encourage workplace collaboration.

Elegant & Intuitive

Single touch brewing with native iPad support. One-Click function for fast and easy operations with a clean surfaced animation – Android, iPhone and iPad connectivity.

Customise Your Coffee

Users are able to customise their own drink in an intuitive way through the app, supported by both iOS and Android Platform creating an immersive experience.

Sleek Danish Designed Technology

Clearly remarkable, advanced engineering made simple, under bench machinery for minimalistic sleek finish above with automatic cleaning.

Energy Efficient and Recyclable

The TopBrewer is mostly produced using recyclable steel, offers higher performance with low energy usage designed with power saving – a standby timer technology using up to 90% less energy when idle compared to standard bean-to-cup machines.