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per person every day by having consistently good coffee in your workplace.

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The solution

We’re able to deliver a fully inclusive package to streamline CBH’s services, administration and costs into a single point of contact. Our innovative machines, high quality coffee and engaging services have created positive impact in the workplace culture and organisational cohesion.

The solution

Delivering an integrated solution which included high quality coffee machines and proactive services created an impact on the social environment. This meant that they could maximise their investment in the workplace, resulting in increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

The solution

Our quality coffee and tailored office coffee services to suit the specific needs of the business led to increased reliability of service. Our high quality machines are serviced regularly to ensure coffee is consistently good and always available for staff and their customers.

The solution

We’re able to offer a full service packaged to BDO, ensuring they’re getting what they need from one supplier with a single monthly invoice. This meant their team could focus on what was most critical to growing their business – rather than spending too much time managing multiple suppliers and dealing with paperwork.

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