Workplace Pantry + Fridge

Fresher fruit, more milk options and stock options that can be updated in real time. It all adds up to a better staff hub experience and lower costs as you minimise waste.

A fresh workplace is a positive workplace

The BrewHub’s Workplace Pantry + Fridge solutions ensure that your workplace is permanently stocked with milk, milk alternatives, fresh fruit, consumables and everything you need for the smooth running of your staff hub.

Your staff will arrive at work each day to be greeted by a fully stocked, welcoming and positive environment that’s ready for them to enjoy as they get on with their busy day.
Stock levels of all consumables are constantly monitored and replenished before they run out. Your Valet is able to update your orders in real time via our integrated stock management system. That means you can reduce waste in a slow week and up your order on short notice to cater for events and busy periods.

BrewHub Valet restocking a fridge with almond milk


Everything is delivered daily by our BrewHub drivers to make sure there’s always a fresh, healthy snack waiting.

BrewHub warehouse employee packing stock into back of truck for delivery


Give your staff and visitors the freshest, most welcoming experience possible.

Consumption in your hub is constantly evaluated and optimised by our cloud-based monitoring system to minimise waste and maximise cost savings.

Give your staff and visitors the freshest, most welcoming experience possible.

Uncomplicated, Efficient and Reliable: The BrewHub Experience

  1. We’re Australia’s most complete hub solution
  2. Fresh milk and milk alternatives, fruit, snacks and consumables always available
  3. a great cup of tea or coffee will also be available whenever your staff desire
  4. Our processes are optimised to reduce waste and maximise cost savings
  5. Everything is delivered straight to you by our dedicated team
  6. We provide you with a convenient hands-off /staff hub experience
  7. Wo run a wholly owned supply chain ecosystem