Workplace Coffee

At the heart of what we do is a passion to create the best coffee experience available to Australian workplaces. But that’s just the start of the BrewHub difference.


We create spaces for communication.

When we say coffee, we mean so much more. It’s more than just a good office coffee machine, great brew, tea, sparkling water or a well stocked staff hub curated by our Valets. To us coffee is a conduit for communication, collaboration and dialogue in the workplace. Creating a great coffee experience for us begins with the beans.

Premium workplace coffee machines

Our stunning European office coffee machines ensure quality coffee made the way you like it. More so, our machines are all connected by remote monitoring to ensure 99% uptime and track consumption, milk, coffee beans and servicing needs. They even order more beans for you.

You can buy or rent these coffee machines and we will install and maintain them with our customised plans to work for your business as we do for clients across Australia.

An obsession with flavour and precision

We curate blends specifically for use in our suite of European coffee machines and roast them locally to fine tune them for the unique Australian coffee palate. There’s no long warehousing or shipping, fresh beans are delivered as you use them.

Workplace Valet.

Our Valets are your gateway to our entire network of in-house tech support, distribution, coffee experts and machine specialists. They allow us to create the same welcoming experience in all of your hubs – right across Australia. All our Valets are integrated into our warehousing and distribution system through which they can instantly adjust any order of coffee, fruit and consumables.

The service can be tailored specifically to suit your budget, business structure and brand. Together with our remote diagnostic and measurement systems, the valets ensure machinery is running smoothly and consumption is constantly monitored, managed and fine tuned to reduce food waste and save you money.

The 99% uptime guarantee

We’ve developed a proactive maintenance program to deliver an unsurpassed machine availability rate of over 99%, while our average time to fix faults is under 3 hours.

It's about more than just a coffee.

  • We source, roast, and deliver our own beans
  • We only offer bean-to-cup coffee, not capsules – reducing waste and improving in-cup quality
  • We only provide clients with the best coffee machines in the market, pouring the perfect cup of coffee every time
  • We offer fresh, filtered still and sparkling water on tap
  • Everything is delivered straight to you by our dedicated team
  • We offer proactive coffee machine maintenance that guarantees 99% uptime
  • We maintain equipment proactively
  • Create better connection and communication around your staff hubs
  • Tailored cost saving solutions, without compromising on quality
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More than just a coffee machine.

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