Workplace Coffee

Our flexible, fully integrated workplace coffee service creates vibrant staff hubs for your staff to connect, collaborate and share ideas.

Creating spaces for communication

When we say coffee, we mean so much more. It’s more than just a good office coffee machine, great brew, tea, sparkling water or a well stocked staff hub curated by our BrewHubbers. To us coffee is a conduit for communication, collaboration and dialogue in the workplace.

With our own roasting facility throughout Australia, we ensure a workplace coffee experience so fresh and personalised the staff hub will become your team’s favourite space.

Brewhub's coffee beans fresh roasted in small batches for Australian office coffee

Our stunning European machinery, includingTopBrewer, allows you to have your favourite drinks made the way you like them – all saved into an app on your phone or tablet.

A cloud-based monitoring system for Scanomat’s TopBrewer gives detailed insights into consumption and staff habits which ensures we can constantly adjust the service to maximise quality and tailor cost saving solutions for your business.

Screen grab from Scanomat's Coffee Cloud, available for TopBrewerLet us give your team a truly unique coffee experience while they concentrate on the core aspects of their jobs.

Uncompromised Coffee

  1. Create better connection and communication around your staff hubs
  2. Increase in productivity with staff not leaving the building to grab a tea or coffee
  3. Our own roasting house means fresher coffee and more variety for your team
  4. Complete reliability of coffee equipment
  5. Tailored cost saving solutions, without compromising on quality