Our Team

Meet the people of BrewHub. We love what we do, have a can-do attitude and bring with us a wealth of knowledge. Connected by our shared value of being human, we always look to engage and create meaningful experiences.

David Scott

David Scott is the Managing Director at BrewHub, where he spearheads the leadership, setting the foundations of our company culture by championing unlocking the potential of our people.

Craig Ellingson

Craig Ellingson is our Chief Bean Counter (otherwise known as CFO), responsible for ensuring that BrewHub has its financial resources in order, our operations are running smoothly, providing relevant insights and assisting in key business decision making.

Casey Nadalini

Casey Nadalini is Acting General Manager at BrewHub, stepping into the role with a focus on ensuring our clients’ exceptional coffee and workplace experience while strengthening the BrewHub team.

Grant Butler

Grant Butler is a General Manager at BrewHub, where he drives effective business development and outstanding client relationships while providing a safe, positive and fun workplace to be in.

Chelsea Tahau

Chelsea Tahau is a General Manager at BrewHub, engaged in a crucial role of delivering superior client satisfaction, driving new business success and executing excellence through our operations.

Michael Hauptman

Michael Hauptman is the Head of Sales at BrewHub, where he drives new growth through educating our clients and specification channels about our products and services with a defined strategy and route to market.

Paul Savy

Paul Savy is a Key Account Manager at BrewHub where he looks after our clients with a focus on facilitating new proposals, ensuring a smooth process from design to installation and delivering value.

Blaine Krapljanov

Blaine Krapljanov is the Partner Support Manager at BrewHub, charged with managing and supporting our Shared Services Team - ensuring our procurement, service and accounts functions to expectations.

Shannon McCabe

Shannon McCabe is a Technical Manager at BrewHub, here to ensure our technicians are trained to excellence, following procedure, meeting compliance and supporting our managers with invaluable knowledge.

A worry free staff hub experience.

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