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Meet the people of BrewHub. We love what we do, have a can-do attitude and bring with us a wealth of knowledge. Connected by our shared value of being human, we always look to engage and create meaningful experiences.

David Scott, Managing Director

David Scott is our highly energetic and strategic Managing Director. He happens to prefer his coffee a few degrees hotter than the current trend. As a leader David is always one step ahead - setting an exciting and innovative future direction for BrewHub. A deep thinker, he remains agile to opportunities and changes in the hospitality industry but also in the diverse sectors within which our clients operate.

Craig Ellingson, General Manager Beans and Machines

BrewHub’s chief bean counter, more formally known as our Chief Financial Officer, Chartered Accountant Craig Ellingson is a highly respected member of our leadership team and keeps BrewHub’s financial practices on track and running smoothly.

Michelle Sandison, General Manager People Experience

Michelle’s role centres on BrewHub’s purpose and values – embedding these in the services we provide and ‘enabling each member of the team to pursue their potential’. Michelle’s superpower is building positive outcomes and growth. She is a born problem-solver, determined to reach the best outcome for everyone - no matter how difficult the task.

Chelsea Tahau, General Manager Growth and Partnerships

Chelsea is super busy matching client expectations with excellent service delivery. Originally a member of the Perth team, in 2018 Chelsea took her experience, positivity, and passion to lead BrewHub’s sales and operations in all the other Australian cities starting with - Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Mark Frazer, General Manager Client Experience

Mark Frazer is our ambitious General Manager Client Experience of Victoria and South Australia. Providing everyone with a seat at the table, Mark believes that finding the clearest path forward is often a result of every person’s collaborative input.

Paul Savy, Account Manager

Savy by name, savvy by nature. Paul Savy is our dedicated Account Manager in Western Australian and the source of all coffee knowledge at BrewHub! Our clients’ business is absolutely his business! A good day at BrewHub for Paul is receiving great feedback from clients and plenty of new contract enquiries.

Amanda Stuurstraat, Operations Manager

A good day for Amanda, our Operations Manager in Western Australia starts with a skinny dirty Chai, extra hot! An even better day is when she moves her team, and consequently BrewHub, closer to their goals. Her priority is identifying the best tools and resources for people to thrive and providing access to them.

Casey Nadalini, Client Experience Manager

Casey Nadalini, our Client Experience Manager, is instrumental in creating a lasting impression for employees, contractors and visitors alike. Highly motivated, Casey is known for the positive and collaborative relationships she builds with new and existing clients and supporting her team. Her resourcefulness is her superpower, and her drive to find the best possible outcome is what makes her an asset.

Phryne Lau, Digital Transformation Manager

It’s the job of our Oolong tea-drinking Digital Transformation Manager Phryne Lau to lead the implementation of our digital transformation. The various projects will continually improve, streamline, and future proof BrewHub’s services to meet its strategic business goals.

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