Looking for answers? We hope our handy list of questions we’re frequently asked will help.

Our Portals

Q: How can I access BrewHub’s Catering Portal?

Please click on this link here which will take you directly to our Catering Portal.

Q: How can I access BrewHub’s Concierge Portal?

Please click on this link here which will take you directly to our Concierge Portal.


Q: How much will BrewHub cost us?

If you have the full BrewHub service, which includes coffee, valet and pantry, your cost will be approximately $1 per person per day. When you compare that to the cost of people leaving your building to go down the road to get a cup of coffee, it is extremely competitive. On average, it takes an employee 17 minutes to leave the building to get a coffee and that equates to a large amount of lost productivity and hidden cost.

Q: Do I have to take the full service?

Of course not, however we genuinely find that when our service modules are bundled together our customers get a much better outcome and get much better value for their money. It saves them managing multiple suppliers and provides one point of contact for the whole kitchen hub space.

Q: How do I know if the coffee machine will fit?

Please head to our Architects and Designers section for more information on product specification.

Q: How reliable are your coffee machines?

BrewHub manage a fleet of coffee machines in corporate workplaces all over Australia. Due to the way we manage that fleet, our machine availability is in excess of 97%. This far exceeds any of our competitors in this space.

Q: How does your coffee offering compare to capsules?

As a general rule, when you compare the per kilo price of our coffee to the per kilo price of capsules, we are approximately 1/5th of the cost. Not to mention, the environmental impact of capsules. Did you know that capsules take between 300 and 500 years to breakdown in the environment?

Q: How much control do I have over my coffee flavour?

In cup quality depends on a number of different factors such as water, milk, coffee and equipment settings. With increased technology, you have more control over your in-cup quality than ever before. When you choose to use a BrewHub coffee machine we will conduct blind tasting sessions with your employees and fine tune the in-cup experience based on feedback from your staff.

Q: What is my cost per cup, approximately?

The cost per cup always depends on what you include. If we’re talking coffee, and depending on what blend you choose, the cost per cup will be between 20 and 30 cents. But the strength of the BrewHub model is that we can provide you with a machine, coffee, milk and cleaning of the machine every day for as little as 75 cents a cup.

Q: What does the Valet actually do?

The primary function of the valet is to make sure that the coffee machine is hygienic and operational before all your staff arrive for work every day. Once that important task has been done, they will rotate and reorder milk, restock and reorder consumables and display fruit and snacks, ensuring that the staff hub space is presentable for the day.

Q: What kind of support will I get after install?

BrewHub is focused on the workplace experience. What’s most important to us is the experience you have after you’ve received your machine, beans and all your consumables. Our valets will work tirelessly to bring all those components together so that your staff hub experience is improved for all of your people.

Q: How does your invoicing work?

You’ll get one invoice once a month which summarises everything that we do for you in the staff hub space. We also have on offer a clear and concise monthly report to support our invoice. If you would like, our account manager can meet with you each month to talk about how our services are performing on your site.

Q: How long will it take to fix my machine?

BrewHub offer a fixed monthly rental fee on their entire range. This means you will never get another bill to fix a coffee machine again. We have a fully manned support desk which will dispatch a technician to fix your machine on the same day.

Q: Will I have an ongoing relationship with BrewHub?

BrewHub is a privately-owned business that prides itself on having personal relationships with each one of its clients. Many of our clients have supported us for more than 10 years. It is important to us that you have a point of contact within BrewHub that you feel confident and comfortable in dealing with. The owner and CEO of the business, David Scott, is always on hand to take your calls to talk about any aspect of your relationship with BrewHub.

Q: Can someone come and talk to me at my workplace?

Absolutely! BrewHub have fantastic people on the ground all over Australia who’d love to come and have a chat with you to know what you would like to achieve with your workplace coffee strategy.

Q: I want to place an order for our consumables. Who do I send it to?

Please send it to [email protected] or alternatively, call us at 1300 803 090!

Q: My coffee machine isn’t working! Send help!

Please log a service call via [email protected] or alternatively, call us at 1300 803 090. We promise to get to you as soon as we can!


Q: How can I register for an account on BrewHub’s Catering Hub?

Head to our online Catering Portal and click on “Register Account”, fill in a few details and prove you’re not a robot! Once we activate your account from our end, you will receive your username and password via email.

That’s it! You are now ready to order great food at great prices – we will take care of the rest.

(If you cannot find your username and password, please check your junk email, unfortunately it sometimes ends up there.)

Q: Can I edit my catering order?

Yes, you are able to edit any completed orders made by yourself up to 2pm on the business day prior to the delivery date.

If you would like to edit the order after 2pm the day prior, contact us with the details at [email protected] or call us at 1300 803 090. We’re here to help!

Q: How do I edit my catering order?

Once you log onto the portal, find the order you would like to amend, click the drop down box found on the right hand side and click “edit order”. Amend the order and update in the usual way.

Q: Can I change the delivery time on my catering order?

Yes, you are able to edit any completed orders made by yourself up to 2pm on the business day prior to the delivery date. To change your order time:

  • Log onto the portal and find the order you would like to amend
  • Click the drop down box (on the right-hand side of the order) and select “edit order”
  • Add the new time in the time box (please do not delete the old time as you will not be able to, existing products have been assigned to this time)
  • Go to the products page and edit each line
  • Above the product will be two radio buttons, the old time and the new time – select the new time and click “update”
  • Repeat the above step for each line on your order and update in the usual way
Q: I have multiple orders I want to repeat. How can I do that?

Orders can be cloned for additional days, simply click “Clone Order” in the drop down menu found on the right hand side of any completed order.

Once cloned, access the order by clicking “Edit Order” in the drop down menu, and amend the date/time/event details on the first page.

On completion, submit the order in the usual fashion and you’re good to go!

Q: The event I’m catering for runs the whole day. Can I split the delivery of my catering order?

Yes, multiple catering delivery times (e.g. Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea) can be added to an order if all your catering items are from the same supplier.

To do this, enter the multiple times in the “Time” box on the first page. Using the radio buttons on the products page, select your time and add products to that time. Once completed, submit your order normally and we’ll take care of the rest.