Casey Nadalini

Operations Manager

Portrait Photo for Casey Nadalini, Acting Operations Manager East Coast

Meet Casey Nadalini

Starting out in the Perth team in 2018, Casey Nadalini (she/her) our Operations Manager for the East Coast, brings a wealth of experience to the expansion of BrewHub’s business into all other Australian cities.

Highly motivated, Casey is known for the positive and collaborative relationships she builds with new and existing clients and supporting her team to be the very best they can be in their roles.

When roll out day arrives and the team is ready to install a machine and services for a new client, Casey loves it when everything sings.

Each team member plays their part, smoothly coming together in harmony to provide a seamless experience for BrewHub’s clients.

Casey’s prime motivating value at BrewHub is purpose, supporting and inspiring the team to achieve their collective business outcomes whilst always mindful of her other favourite value – mastery. Guided by a personal philosophy that every new experience offers potential for growth, Casey adopts this approach for clients and her team – always on a quest for innovation and improvement.

Casey only manages to survive her busy schedule by being extremely organised with the help of strong coffee which she loves – a flat white with an extra shot – her cup of choice.

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