Mark Frazer

General Manager Client Experience & Operations

Mark Frazer

Meet Mark Frazer

Our highly ambitious General Manager Client Experience & Operations of Victoria and South Australia, Mark Frazer (he/him), empowers each team member to thrive within their individual role. In fact, it’s his superpower.

With an ability to rally a team, regardless of how extreme the circumstances might appear; Mark can motivate people with the right dose of positivity.

An advocate for inclusivity, Mark strongly believes that we miss a significant portion of society if we don’t allow every person to have their say. He often comments on how success can be best measured by the diverse perspectives, opinions and ideas that come from a conversation between all genders, sexualities, cultures, religions and thoughts. So, it comes as no surprise that inclusiveness is Mark’s favourite BrewHub value.

I ensure people feel included and we are all on an equal playing field. I don’t believe in a stereotypical ‘hierarchy’. We all come with our own strengths, and need each other to show up as our best selves.

If you need Mark, he can likely be found working closely with our external clients, supporting the team to be their best, or helping out in the warehouse when there is a call for an extra pair of hands.

Mark does all of this, and then more with the power of a large double shot latte in hand. Going against the grain, Mark opts for almond milk over regular dairy (don’t ask us why).

Bringing a highly sought-after blend of understanding the corporate landscape, a passion for people, a drive for inclusive collaboration, a love for coffee and a strong growth mindset; Mark believes that the sky is the limit for BrewHub’s future.

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