Savy by name, and savvy by nature: Meet Paul Savy

March 5, 2024BrewHub

Savy by name, and savvy by nature: Meet Paul Savy

Savy by name, and savvy by nature, Paul is one of our devoted Account Managers based in Western Australia whose dedication has been the cornerstone of BrewHub’s success for the past 16 years.

It’s all about relationship-building and growth

Starting at BrewHub in 2008, Paul’s early days involved relationship building and seeking new opportunities. This often meant going on foot and knocking on office doors to ignite new connections. Paul notes that while this was a challenging time, it was a rewarding one too.

Hard work always pays off. Luckily, our team’s exceptional service resonated with clients, and helped us secure significant contracts, which catapulted BrewHub into a period of rapid growth!

As BrewHub continued to grow and mature, so did Paul. With the birth of his children, he was able to transition from General Manager to Sales Manager, a role which later evolved into a Key Account Manager. This change allowed him to maintain a work-life balance while continuing to contribute to BrewHub’s growth.

Being fuelled by positive feedback and teamwork

If you ask Paul what gets him up every morning, which is at an early 4:30 a.m. to get ahead of his schedule and prepare for his clients, he will tell you it is the sense of achievement that comes from the positive customer and team feedback and appreciation.

He says that the secret behind BrewHub’s excellent customer service stems from how seamlessly the Brewhubbers from client services, sales to valets to distribution work as a team.

When we come together as a team, and leverage each other’s strengths, we can achieve things beyond what we initially thought we were capable of.

Paul is energised by helping clients and collaborating with like-minded individuals. That, and a glass of sparkling water, followed by a strong latte made with full cream milk – no sugar.

Working on the principle that communication is key

Super approachable, Paul builds strong relationships with clients and a detailed understanding of their staff and their workspaces.

He is a strong communicator and believes that it is imperative to speak the language of his clients.

While all our clients might have similar requirements, they express them differently. The trick lies in understanding their language and ensuring their individual needs are met.. This includes handling multiple points of contact within a client’s organization, including often talking with build teams, architects, designers and specification contractors.


Autonomy to thrive

If you asked Paul a year ago, he would have told you his favourite BrewHub value is inclusiveness, however, nowadays, it is autonomy. That is because Paul appreciates the freedom and discretion his role gives him to communicate with a broad range of people.

I ensure BrewHub delivers the coffee machine and beverage experience that adds real value, and is perfectly suited to each client.

Paul has seen it all, and we often say that Paul has likely set foot in almost every building in Perth!


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