A native twist to corporate catering for an experience to remember.

June 19, 2023BrewHub

A native twist to corporate catering for an experience  to remember.

BrewHub is working with Gather Foods, a majority owned Indigenous catering business. Together we’re bringing in local flavours to workplaces across Western Australia.

One of the many ways we are bringing workplaces to life is by providing our clients with a range of available food options for their workplaces and events. As with all parts of our service model we are always on the lookout for innovative companies to partner with that share our passion for creating exceptional experiences.

When one of our clients suggested we reach out to Gather Foods we knew very quickly that we had found another partner that would help us to bring corporate events held in workplaces to life.

Gather Foods is an Indigenous owned, Supply Nation certified catering company that brings unique Australian flavours together with an experience that introduces native food, culture and heritage. Catering for any size event and with their own range of products that use native foods and botanicals sourced from Aboriginal-owned producers across Australia, they are anything but standard fare.

Gather Food’s delicious menu of catering options is now available for select Western Australian clients through the BrewHub Catering Portal (Please note: We’ve got local partnerships developing across Australia – just get in touch with our team to find out more.)

Managing Director and Nyoongar traditional owner Gerry Matera said;

We are excited to build on our existing partnership with BrewHub which has enabled our business to grow and become more sustainable. This growth has allowed Gather Foods to add another Aboriginal apprentice chef to our team. In addition to this, we love working with corporate Australia on achieving their Reconciliation targets and key milestones to bring positive change to their workplaces across WA.

We’ve noticed a trend among many of Australia’s leading companies who are bringing events back to their workspaces as an opportunity for their teams, clients and suppliers to network and engage. BrewHub’s service offering is ideally poised to service the growing trend towards in-house conference facilities.

By offering rich culinary and cultural experiences such as those offered by Gather Foods our clients are able to draw people to their spaces and streamline their conferencing.

We offer a wide range of caterers suitable for breakfast meetings, morning tea, lunch meetings, cocktail functions and specialty events. Booking a Gather Foods experience through the BrewHub portal is an incredibly convenient way to ensure all their events benefit from delicious, healthy food options that tell a story of country.

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