Inside BrewHub: Our visit to Scanomat, the home of the TopBrewer

February 13, 2023BrewHub

Inside BrewHub: Our visit to Scanomat, the home of the TopBrewer

We take pride in having an open, honest and supportive relationship with our customers and partners.

The importance of nurturing good partnerships

We will (quite literally) go the extra mile to answer any queries related to claims that we make about our service and products. One such question was;

“Are TopBrewer units really made with 75% recycled steel?”

Managing Director, David Scott, and Chief Financial Officer, Craig Ellingson, journeyed to Copenhagen in Denmark to showcase how and where the TopBrewer and TopWater units are made for our clients. The BrewHub team touring the Scanomat factory.

During this visit to our partner Scanomat, the creators of the TopBrewer coffee machine system and TopWater beverage machine, David and Craig were invited to the factory that sources, supplies and shapes the steel for the machines. There they met with the Chief Executive Officer of JB Metalindustri, Jørgen Jensen.

The BrewHub team touring the Scanomat factory.

We gained insight into the process of sourcing the recycled steel and how it is made into the outer parts for TopBrewer andTopWater machines that are put together by hand in Scanomat’s Denmark-based factory by their experienced and dedicated team.

Scanomat employee building a TropBrewer machine.

Our shared focus on integrity and transparency

BrewHub is a conduit for a supply chain that stretches from JB Metalindustri in Denmark, all the way to clients like KPMG, here in Australia.

Therefore, it is extremely important for us to consider how our partnerships impact the standards set across the entire service delivery model.

One of the many reasons behind our choice to partner with Scanomat was their reputation for sustainability, and it is imperative that we touch base to see what else is on the horizon.

At BrewHub have a responsibility to ensure that:

  • Companies we deal with align with BrewHub’s ethos of customer transparency.
  • Our clients are equipped with information to make informed decisions about the resources we are providing (eg. coffee, steel, packaging, people) they are getting.
  • These resources and their suppliers have been thoroughly examined at the source, so we know where they come from and what we are providing to our customers.

Our latest visit to Scanomat in Denmark not only highlighted again the superior craftsmanship that goes into making the TopBrewer machines, but it showed us that they are a company whose values and focus on integrity and sustainability align with our own.

BrewHub’s commitment to transparency is an ethos that has served us and our clients well and will continue to do so for the future.


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