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  • Workplace Coffee
  • Pantry Supplies
  • Valet
  • Support
  • Office Coffee Machine
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We’ve been providing BDO with the full BrewHub experience for more than 7 years. This includes; workplace coffee machines and pantry supplies including milk, fruit and snacks backed by our valet and support team.

When we started working with BDO, they were managing multiple suppliers, using a small coffee machine which could not cater to their needs and experienced constant breakdowns. This resulted in a lack of service continuity, high repair costs, low utilisation of the hub spaces and loss of employee productivity.

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What were your challenges before working with with us?
  1. Too much time was spent managing multiple providers, monitoring pricing and processing invoices
  2. Difficulty maintaining service consistency, time was taken from various internal staff to manage the hubs
  3. High costs of repair for machine breakdowns
  4. Providing an attractive in-house service, staff were leaving the office for coffee because of quality issues
Why did you choose BrewHub?

We had coffee machines which were unreliable and expensive to fix. We wanted someone to take ownership of our staff hub, provide a space for our employees to connect and improve productivity and wellbeing.


So, have we helped you to accomplish your objectives?

Yes! BrewHub has delivered the following:
  1. Consolidated various providers and services into one simple to understand invoice and one contact to call on
  2. Reduce time spent on managing consistency of service and range across multiple suppliers
  3. Improved the in-cup coffee quality and providing a reliable and friendly service
  4. Provided continuity of hygiene and services in the kitchen hub, removing stress and work from internal staff to manage the hub space
  5. Improved the hub environment and provided an in-house option to provide employees with a space to connect
  6. Provide good service and experiences when hosting visiting company clients

We are very happy with the services BrewHub provides.

Their consistency, timeliness and reliability make a real difference in our staff hubs, so our employees utilise it more.


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