For Facility Managers

A cup of coffee or tea is so much more than just a beverage, it’s an invitation to communicate, to engage and to create dialogue. A clean, comfortable and well managed staff hub will increase efficiency, improve relationships and create a platform for your team to connect.

What makes the BrewHub service unique is that beyond bringing café quality coffee or tea to your workplace, we create space for people to interact. Backed by our in-house warehousing, maintenance and delivery crew, the BrewHub experience offers unparalleled levels of reliability and service.

You want a well-designed solution for your workplace hub.

With an integrated workplace staff hub experience, we combine world class equipment, quality coffee and consumables managed by our Valet. Creating a welcoming space where the coffee hoppers are full, fruits and snacks are freshly stocked, and maintenance issues are resolved before you notice them – to provide you with a worry-free experience.

You want a reliable provider of the best coffee experience in the workplace.

We directly deliver 100% of our contracts, supported by long term trusted people. This means our service is future focused, innovative, consistently reliable and with you remaining in control of the outcomes.

You want to consolidate your supply network.

Reduce time spent dealing with processing invoices, handling queries, managing multiple systems and rectifying faults with various vendors. Let us give your team a truly unique experience while they concentrate on the core aspects of their jobs.

You want 1 invoice, giving you an accurate report and control.

You’ll get one invoice, once a month which summarises everything that we do for you in the staff hub space. We can also offer a clear and concise monthly report which allows you to monitor trends and make any changes as required.

You want 1 Point of Contact, to call on anytime.

It is important to us that you have a point of contact within BrewHub that you feel confident and comfortable in dealing with. We are always on hand to answer any questions and are happy to meet to talk about how our services are performing in your workplace.

Get in touch to arrange a Discovery session or see how we’ve met our clients’ challenges.