Inclusivity in leadership: Meet Mark Frazer

November 4, 2022BrewHub

Inclusivity in leadership: Meet Mark Frazer

Mark Frazer, General Manager Client Experience and OperationsInclusivity in leadership

When it comes down to it, bringing workplaces to life comes down to a genuine passion for people’s well-being.

At BrewHub, we are built on interactions with real people who solve real problems. Our purpose is to enhance workplace culture so our customers and their visitors can thrive across Australia.

This concept is what drew in our General Manager Client Experience, Mark Frazer (he/him).

It’s the people that truly make BrewHub. There is a unique culture hinged on genuine support and mateship. It is the backbone of the company, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Empowering each team member to thrive in their individual role is Mark’s passion. In fact, it’s his superpower.

Hailing from a large-scale corporate background

With an ability to rally a team, regardless of how extreme the circumstances might appear, Mark decided to transition into a role where he could support the corporate sector. This came after a decade of working in a large-scale corporate company.

I have spent the previous 10 years working for a multinational company. I’ve had the pleasure of working across several states in Australia, while also having the opportunity to branch out and work overseas. My personal and professional experience has led me to be a leader who is extremely passionate about developing teams, people and culture.

Mark at Queenstown, New Zealand in 2018, one of his many international trips.

Mark at Queenstown, New Zealand in 2018, one of his many international trips.

Now working as our highly ambitious General Manager Client Experience and Operations of Victoria and South Australia, Mark Frazer has his eyes set on steady growth goals for BrewHub. A true lover of people, culture, connectivity and coffee, Mark comments on how it’s heartening to be part of a company like BrewHub.

My passion, coupled with my skills in commercial planning, and sales, provide me with an exciting base to build from at BrewHub.

Injecting a balance of healthy optimism and drive

It doesn’t matter how big the wall in front of Mark is, he has the ability to motivate the team with the right dose of positivity. Strongly advocating the ideology that ‘we work better together’, Mark isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to work alongside his team members.

No day looks the same for me here at BrewHub. I am either working closely with our external clients, supporting our team in any way I can, helping out in the warehouse when there is a call for an extra pair of hands, and doing what needs to be done to produce the best outcomes for the team.

Mark does all of this, and then more with the power of a large double shot latte in hand. Much to his teammate’s amusement, Mark goes against the grain and opts for almond milk over regular dairy (don’t ask us why).

A passionate advocate for having everyone at the table

If you get lost in a good conversation with Mark, it won’t take long to recognise his burning desire to offer every individual a valuable seat at the table.

An advocate for inclusivity, Mark strongly believes that we miss a significant portion of society if we don’t allow every person to have their say.

Mark, his wife, and 6-month-old son watching his beloved Carlton Football Club at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Mark, his wife, and 6-month-old son watching his beloved Carlton Football Club at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

He comments on how success can be best measured by the diverse perspectives, opinions and ideas that come from a conversation between all genders, sexualities, cultures, religions and thoughts.

So, it comes as no surprise that inclusivity is Mark’s favourite BrewHub value.

I ensure people feel included and we are all on an equal playing field. I don’t believe in a stereotypical ‘hierarchy’. We all come with our own strengths, and need each other to show up as our best selves. It’s important that I empower my team to thrive in their individual roles.

He muses that the best decision, and the clearest path forward is often a result of every person’s collaborative input. Through this mindset and approach, Mark hopes to get every team member to strive to be their best. A concept mirrored within BrewHub as a whole.

The culture here thrives on getting people to where they want to be. The opportunities at BrewHub are immense.

As a collective, Mark believes that it is the people that will ensure we grow, and bring more workplaces to life.

A leader of many talents

Mark jokes that although his strength lies in his positivity, and ability to motivate a team; his real talent is being able to listen to a song just once, and then being able to sing it. However, the jury is still out on that one!

Looking at the future through a pair of ‘big picture’ lens

Mark is on a mission to maintain strong growth in Victoria and South Australia. He is on the ground, ready to play a vital role in igniting our national growth plans. Doing this while maintaining the momentum of improving communication and collaboration across teams and locations.

Mark with his wife, and their four children.

Mark with his wife, and their four children.

I am extremely excited by the challenge this role provides and the opportunity in collaboration with my team and peers to grow the business in Victoria and South Australia. The role and BrewHub combine all my passions and values into one – being coffee, people, connection and growth.

BrewHub’s purpose is to help people reach their potential, and we are lucky to have Mark on board to help accelerate this vision into BrewHub’s new era, post-pandemic.

Bringing a highly sought-after blend of understanding the corporate landscape, a passion for people, a drive for inclusive collaboration, a love for coffee and a strong growth mindset; Mark believes that the sky is the limit for BrewHub’s future.

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