There from the beginning: Meet David Dewe

January 6, 2023BrewHub

There from the beginning: Meet David Dewe

It takes a special team to work effectively behind the scenes to ensure that our fleet of coffee machines and water taps are running smoothly for all our clients. The person who leads that team is David Dewe.

David Dewe (he/him), affectionately known as Dewey, is our Technician Manager for Western Australia. Having worked at BrewHub since 2005, he now manages a team of four technicians and is on call to ensure all of our clients have optimally performing machines on-site, at all times.

Being there through the many faces of BrewHub

We have been fortunate enough to have Dewey as part of our team for a long time. After hearing about BrewHub’s opportunity through a friend, he thought it would be fun to ‘give it a go’, and so Dewey put in his application. The rest, as they say, is history.

David Dewe servicing a machine

Fast-forward to 17 years later, Dewey has been and still is a key part of BrewHub’s evolution to becoming the industry benchmark for reliability and service.

I don’t know what it is, but once you get in, and become part of BrewHub’s family, you don’t leave.

When Dewey started at the company in 2005, many parts of the business were carried out by trusted external partners.

I was the first warehouse employee, and my entrance into BrewHub sort of marked the beginning of bringing things in-house.

From there, it didn’t take long for Dewey to grow into the role of Warehouse Manager, a natural evolution that occurred when BrewHub started to hire more team members.

When it was time for BrewHub to bring technicians in-house too, Dewey was asked to oversee this process. The first technicians at BrewHub are still in Dewey’s team today.

David Dewe managing stock in the BrewHub warehouse.

Having every step of the delivery process in-house gives us optimal flexibility and complete control over the quality of our products. We monitor stock levels constantly and update these to reflect use, which means you save money and reduce waste. With our unparalleled service and hands-on process, we’re sure you’ll taste the difference.

Our problem-solving multi-tasker

For Dewey, a good day at BrewHub is helping out his team in any way he can. Not only is he good at organisation, his fellow BrewHubbers comment that Dewey has an innate knack for finding solutions.

Dewey proactively monitors the entire fleet of BrewHub machines for potential faults and generates service orders if a technician is needed to attend to any maintenance issues. It takes an excellent multi-tasker like Dewey to get everything done. That too, with a smile.

David Dewe hard at work at his desk.

Under Dewey’s leadership, we have been able to steadily reduce our time-to-fix fault. For the month of November 97.4% of all faults in our client’s machines were fixed on the same day. In an industry that traditionally measures repair times in weeks, that is no small feat.

Attitude is really important at BrewHub. I always try to put a positive spin into what may appear at first glance as chaos. The fact that no day is the same makes work that much more exciting.

Thriving on the concepts of mateship and teamwork, Dewey’s week also entails working with technical teams across the country to coordinate ordering and shipping of parts for machines nationally.

I believe you need to get a real sense of enjoyment from accomplishment in order to love this job. I love taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, knowing that our team did that.

Playing to every person’s strength

If you decided to quiz Dewey on what his superpower is, it wouldn’t take you long to realise that Dewey’s people-centric approach to leadership is fuelled by a large dose of empathy.

Respect goes a long way for me. I want us all to work together, to hear each other out and to make the most out of each one of our different attributes.

Complementing Dewey’s empathy is his commitment to celebrating individuality. In fact, Dewey often says that it is our uniqueness that makes us better as a team.

Everyone is an individual, and they each bring their own unique skill set to the table. Together, our differences make us stronger.

Passionate about seeing his team succeed

Dewey shares how it is imperative to trust your team to do what they do best. Throwing team members in the deep end, but simultaneously being there to lean on for support is something no one can do quite like Dewey.

 I know what people are good at, and I want to see them win.

Needless to say, autonomy is Dewey’s favourite BrewHub value, as he strongly champions the idea that the best work is done when people are free to solve problems and innovate.

While autonomy embodies Dewey’s values as a BrewHubber and as a person, he also values mastery. Dewey shares how each person’s journey towards achieving their own sense of mastery can be done when you empower them with autonomy over their role.

An infectious can-do attitude that spreads across to the team 

As a person who sees solutions, not problems, Dewey’s positivity is infectious and one that we look forward to seeing every day at BrewHub.

Not everything at work is going to be fun 24/7. However, if you see things as an opportunity and approach challenges with a can-do attitude, we can get through anything together.

With a particular love for Vitasoy, we believe that a part of Dewey’s secret to being so positive is his favourite flat white topped with Vitasoy, his preferred coffee of choice.


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