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Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane



We’ve been providing BOQ with the full BrewHub experience for 5 years. This includes; workplace coffee machines and pantry supplies including milk, backed by our valet and support team.

BOQ was going through an office consolidation programme and as an anchor tenant, occupied 12,000sqm with a workforce of over 1000 people. With the move, they wanted to provide a better coffee solution to maximise their investment in the workplace fit out as well as increase the communication around the hub spaces.

What BOQ has to sayspeech icon

What were your challenges before working with us?
  1. There were reliability issues with the coffee machines often breaking down
  2. Poor in-cup coffee quality
  3. Inconsistent service and varying levels of hygiene became an issue
  4. The hub spaces were poorly utilised as employees were leaving the building in large numbers
What improvements have you experienced after using BrewHub’s products and services?

There was an increase in ‘in house’ coffee consumption from 5 to 22 cups per person, per month.
People drank the same amount of coffee, they just consumed it within the tenancy.


So, have we helped you to accomplish your objectives?

Yes! BrewHub delivered on the following:
  1. Increased communication and activity around the staff hubs
  2. Significantly increased coffee quality and service by providing state-of-the-art coffee equipment and a tailored bespoke coffee range
  3. Maintained high levels of cleanliness and hygiene
  4. Increased reliability of service with a highly responsive team attending to maintenance of the machines
  5. Provided an end-to-end solution for a hassle-free staff hub experience

By implementing the full BrewHub experience, BOQ saved five hours per person, per month in time spent going offsite to get a coffee.


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