Behind the scenes: Our investment in connectivity supercharges the hub experience

February 7, 2023BrewHub

Behind the scenes: Our investment in connectivity supercharges the hub experience

We have always focused on building the best experience for our customers and creating an ecosystem that is customer-first. This means that we’re able to be flexible and customise our offering to our clients – depending on their needs.

Our approach was, and still is, different from our competitors and is constantly reviewed and optimised to ensure we can deliver this effectively and efficiently. We are always seeking to innovate and improve the way we bring workplaces to life using digital technologies to support our team. Our stock ordering system for instance, has received a major upgrade this year that put us further ahead of the pack. Driven by our Digital Transformation lead, Phryne Lau, we have implemented a completely digitised process for ordering consumables for the workplace including fruit, snacks, milk and, of course, office coffee.

We asked Phryne a few questions about the new system.

Q: How does the stock ordering system operate?

A: The upgrade links our Valets across all client sites into our sophisticated stock management system, allowing them to manage orders instantly, direct from their phones.

Our Valets [learn more about our Valets] can pull up the required information attached to a specific site, perform a stocktake to assess the client’s needs and place an order accordingly.

As they’re a constant presence in the site, they often know what to expect day-to-day.

This allows us to continually customise and optimise stock to reduce waste, save money and ensure our clients’ hub is always ready to receive visitors.

Q: Could you outline the path from the moment a Valet orders new stock to it being delivered?

A: Once a Valet puts an order in the system it is immediately updated across our entire in-house supply chain. The BrewHub warehouse manager will look through orders daily and create picking orders for that day. Our Warehouse Team will then pick and pack the orders before our fleet of drivers pack them on trucks and deliver fresh to our client sites.

  • Our Valets performs a stocktake on the client site and place an order in the system
  • Client Service Managers maintain oversight of open orders coming through
  • Our Warehouse Team processes approved orders, picks and packs orders scheduled for the next day’s delivery run
  • Our Distribution Team load the truck according to the run sheet and delivers the order direct to the respective client sites

Q: Where do you see this system going in the future?

A: The digital platform we’ve created is modular which allows us to grow and expand it to meet the needs of changing workspaces. One example is the potential to expand the ordering capabilities as part of a Customer Portal which allows clients to place their own orders, similar to an eCommerce platform. The possibilities are endless and our system leaves us well placed to meet the needs of flexible working arrangements.

Q: What does the system allow you to do that you couldn’t before?

A: It drastically reduces the risk of human error. Traditional systems involve orders shifting through several different people and technology platforms which creates multiple opportunities for issues to occur.

It’s also much quicker because we created a single digital platform that handles the entire supply chain.

It has also meant that we have been able to cut down on food waste at our client sites and reduce our reliance on paper forms, which is a much more sustainable way to operate.

Q: What are some of the biggest changes that the new system has brought about?

A: It has brought a significant lift in the level of autonomy and the opportunity to improve the mastery of our craft across our organisation.

Our Valets do not have to be sent printed stock sheets (they now always have live stock sheets at their fingertips!). They no longer need to wait for other teammates to process orders or make additional calls because the adjustments they make are instant.

We have also seen increased collaboration and efficiency in resolving order-based challenges by having our Client Services and Warehouse Managers work from the same system.

In short, the implementation of the new system has cut down costs, removed much of the margin for error and completely streamlined the stock ordering process. Innovation is at the heart of our vision statement here at Brewhub, and this is certainly a large step forward for us.

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