‘Fern’ – the gold standard in co-working space

June 2, 2021BrewHub

‘Fern’ – the gold standard in co-working space

Futureproofing workplace design for the next generation 

If there is anything positive to emerge from COVID-19 in 2020  it is that many people are reflecting seriously on how they want to work. With more employees than ever adopting flexible hours – it is not a surprise that they are looking to reshape their working day and the physical space where they work. Illuminated logo at Fern co-working space in Perth

BrewHub’s collaborative heart  

BrewHub has much in common with the innovative team at Spacecubed who are collaborating with developers and designers to activate unused buildings in the Perth CBD – transforming them into high spec’ flexible co-working spaces for businesses and busy individuals to use.  

Attracting professionals from the engineering, mining, design, education, and finance sectors, the premium desks and office spaces are complemented with secure multi-functional spaces and meeting rooms, customised to a high specification with reliable, technological support.   

Two people chatting on the couch at Fern co-working space in Perth

Our membership model is very flexible. Spacecubed is interested in finding out from new members ‘the how, when and where’ of their working weekWe then respond by offering membership solutions that are tailored to individual schedules and expectations.

Dicey Birgic – Spacecubed’s Operations Manager – Spaces and Community

Spacecubed has members who range from independent professionals to start-up businesses or small to medium sized companies  infrequent visitors dropping in to use a desk for a single day or tenants who sign up for dedicated space on an on going basis. At convenient locations across the CBD, the three spaces FLUX, Fern and Riff have the same high standard of amenity, but each offers their own bespoke workspace and special vibe. Spacecubed has noticed that each location attracts its own distinct community of members. 

A shared passion for workplace design 

Our busy BrewHubbers are often in the Perth CBD touching base with clients or meeting with new accounts. It made sense that our General Manager Grant Butler would look out for a suitable, flexible base to work from and occasionally host meetings.  

Grant soon recognised that Spacecubed and BrewHub share similar energy and values as well as a preoccupation with how people work, what makes great workplace design and a commitment to community. He reached out in 2019 to collaborate and offer BrewHub’s bespoke beverage experience for Spacecubed members.   

Grant’s timing was perfect. With their newest co-working space – Fern – due to open in 2020, Spacecubed decided this was the perfect location for a bespoke members kitchen which would feature BrewHub’s exquisite TopBrewer coffee tap. 

Coffee being poured using the TopBrewer installed at Fern co-working space in Perth

Fern – the gold standard in co-working space 

Formerly a filing storage facility for the ANZ Banking Corporation, Fern is centrally located at 79, St Georges Terrace discretely adjacent to Allendale Square in the Perth CBDVisitors are greeted with a wow factor – three calm and light filled floors representing the gold standard in co-working, flexible office design and amenity. 

Generous single working desks, small and medium sized offices for one or more people, a large executive boardroom, sound proofed booths for phone callsprivate meetings and interviews, state of the art technological support and security, lockers and bicycle storage the full package is on offer at Fern.  

Collaborate over coffee 

On the ground floor at Fern there is a modern open plan kitchen which leads to a beautiful, contemporary lounge area. The island bench in the kitchen is adorned with the sleek Top Brewer tap with countertop touch screen controls and in the seven months since Fern opened, it has become a talking point for members gathering for a break and a chat in the kitchen. 

Lady pouring coffee using the TopBrewer Fern co-working space in Perth

Dicey Birgic is the membership Community Lead at Fern and she could not be happier with the TopBrewer. It meets their high expectations – beautiful design, sophisticated and clean coffee experience, generating little noise. As well as hearing praise for the incredible tasting coffee, Dicey has enjoyed watching the members gather around the TopBrewer tap  and start up a conversation with someone new.  

BrewHub provides us with everything we look for in a business partner, their thoughtful service and awareness during the planning stages at Fern was incredible. And there is no other coffee machine that comes even close to what we were looking for. The choice of TopBrewer means our members receive an incredible coffee experience, but also opportunities for collaboration, engagement and enjoyment.

After only seven months and with the challenges of COVID-19 to navigate, Fern already has a core of long-term tenant members and a growing list of flexible weekly members. 

BrewHub recommends Spacecubed to many of its clients. These bespoke co-working spaces offer the perfect solution for anyone looking for a flexible city base or a temporary neutral space for staff offsiteworkshops and board meetings. 

Building and enhancing bespoke and flexible workspaces that’s what Spacecubed and BrewHub do best – and that is the future of work. 

SpacecubedSpacecubed logo is designed to support a community of Entrepreneurs and change-makers from a range of different backgrounds and experiences. Spacecubed offers tailored coworking, office spaces, events, programs and community to small businesses, corporates & entrepreneurs.

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