Grant Butler

General Manager – West Coast

For BrewHub’s cappuccino drinking General Manager, Grant Butler (he/him), the most important driver is having a sense of purpose. Purpose drives Grant’s management approach and his personal and professional goals.

‘Purpose provides me with enormous energy to come to work with the incredible BrewHub team’.

Meet Grant Butler

Grant manages BrewHub’s sales and operations in Western Australia and the focus of his positive can-do approach is squarely on people. This means supporting his teams and managing relationships with clients to meet expectations and experience.

Like his counterpart on the East Coast – Chelsea, remaining connected to clients, developing new proposals and tailoring services, enables Grant to offer/share strategies for innovation with the BrewHub leadership team.

The favourite part of Grant’s working week is the BrewHub team catch ups. These are an opportunity for everyone to reflect on how the business is going, consider what is coming next, and to build connection as a team and share stories about what is going on in their lives.

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